Test our Encrypted calls service for free!

Easy installation and fast account setup

To test the service you will need to set up two extensions, each on a different device (such as a softphone or IP phone).

Testing is limited to calls between the two encrypted extensions only, or to our Sales department number at 9707000 ext 1

During the testing calls, call duration is limited to 20 seconds.

Please follow the following steps to test our encrypt-calls service:

  • Download the Cloud Softphone application applicable to your mobile OS type.

Test our service via iphone appTest our service via android app


  • Open Cloud Softphone application.
  • In the application, select Scan QR Code (confirm camera permissions if needed, to scan the QR)
  • Scan the following first QR image.
  • If reviewed from a mobile device, please click on the QR.

First QR image

    • Agree on the terms of service, and you ready to go!
    • Repeat the above steps for the second extension and scan the second QR image.
    • If reviewed from a mobile device, please click on the QR.

    Second QR image

    VoIP account settings (not needed for testing if the QR was used):

    • First encrypted extension:
      • Username: 18878
      • Password: 1982095989
      • Domain: sip1.encrypt-phone.com
      • Port: 5061
    •  Second encrypted extension: 
      • Username: 96969
      • Password: 2551038802
      • Domain: sip1.encrypt-phone.com
      • Port: 5061


    • After the setup of the two extensions, you can start testing the Encrypted calls between the extensions by dialing 555015.
    • By calling 9707000, you should receive and hear our main IVR (Voice menu).  Selecting option #1 will bring you to our sales department.
      You can further test the quality while checking our prices ?

    For more information, you can check our FAQ page, contact us form, or dial + 1.855.507.0030