What’s the first thing you look at when buying a smartphone? Is it the camera? Maybe the latest features? Perhaps a faster CPU, GPU, and Ram combination?

Whatever factors you look at, it is a fact that people do not pay much attention to how much secure a smartphone actually is. If you think about it, smartphones are just small computers with a radio antenna attached.

In fact, we carry smartphones with us throughout the day and even place them near the bedside at night. It makes sense to buy a secure smartphone considering we rely on these devices for all of our communication.

Best Phones for Encryption

In the market, there are a lot of options for secure or encrypted smartphones. Here’s the thing with security and privacy-focused phones – They can be as secure as the user wants them to be! If you want to protect yourself from snoopers, hackers, and other risks, take a look at the secure smartphones mentioned below:

  1. Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max

Even if you are not an Apple fan, we have to admit that iPhone 12 Pro Max is a great device built with security and privacy in mind. The operating system for this phone is the latest iOS 14, which provides a lot of control over the privacy and personal data for the end-users. Some of the settings which can be turned private include camera use, location, and device access settings.

Besides the software offering, privacy features, the hardware of Apple’s iPhone 12 Pro Max is also built to offer greater protection. In fact, all the sensitive data can also be encrypted on the iPhone 12 Pro Max as well. If your main concern is iPhone encryption, then you can check this phone.

  1. Purism Librem 5

You may not have heard about the Purism Librem 5 phone but believe me, it is one of the best phones for security and a high degree of built-in privacy protection. Unlike other phones in the market, this one runs on PureOS – This operating system is ethical, free, and completely open-source, which means it can be confirmed what happens in the background with this OS.

But the users of Purism Librem are not limited to using just the PureOS. In fact, they can decide on an OS of their choice as well, which is compatible with the Linux OS. For those looking for an encrypt phone, the Purism Librem 5 offers a great choice.

If we talk about the hardware of this phone, it comes with various kill switches which can be used to disable the microphone, camera, WiFi, Bluetooth, stop network connectivity, GPS, and so on. Unlike software-based kill switches, a hardware-based kill switch offers a higher degree of accessibility and peace of mind.

  1. Blackphone 2

The Blackphone 2 uses an Android-powered OS known as the “Silent OS.” Using the Silent OS, the phone provides features a lot of security and advanced privacy options. According to the vendors of Blackphone 2, there is no bloatware, data leakage, or hooks to the carriers. For android encryption, this phone could be a good choice.

There is another feature in the Blackphone 2 called “spaces.” Using this feature, a user can create multiple virtual phones, all separate from each other – You can think of it as a sandbox that allows you to run the same instances of software, all separate and disconnected from each other. This way, you can create multiple profiles (personas) which remain separate as there is no data sharing between the Spaces.

The Blackphone 2 comes with a normal screen (5.5 inches) along with a powered octa-core processor (Qualcomm Snapdragon).