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  • No minimum charge, no hidden costs!
  • No risks because all calls are “Pay-As-You-Go” – just credit your account and make your calls!
  • You control your spending at all times.
  • Check your remaining credit and view your call records online!
  • Tariffs are valid worldwide, independent of your physical location.

Payment and Cost Information:
1. Monthly subscription cost:
– The first month’s cost of service is 15$, following monthly subscriptions cost will be 10$. This cost will be automatically debited from your account balance, every calendar month from the date of account opening.
– Minimum deposit sum is 15$ done via PayPal, charge will be done to your PayPal account or credit card used (you don’t need a PayPal account, any Credit card type accepted by PayPal can be used)
2. Cost of calls:
– In-network calls done between our network extensions will be billed at a cost of 0.01$/minute.
– Out-of-network call rates, done from our network extensions to standard PSTN numbers, can be found by entering the destination name in the search box, at the top of this page.

Please check this page frequently as prices might vary from time to time.