Why choose Encrypt-phone as your secure voice telecommunication provider?

Encrypt-Phone is a leader in providing encrypted and secure voice telecommunication platforms.
The services provided by Encrypt-Phone accord both individuals and businesses.

The tools and resources we provide ensure the privacy and security of all in-network communications.  A functionality added layer allows the encrypted network users, to make and receive calls to standard PSNT networks, from the same device.

This confidentiality and security enable businesses to confidently communicate with their prospects, growing and thriving beyond what would have been otherwise possible.

What we can offer you?

The encrypted communication provided by Encrypt-Phone functions between a variety of network extensions as explained below:

1. Encrypted Mobile – The Encrypt-Phone platform makes use of your cellphone’s data connection and a softphone connection to ensure that all conversations you hold over your cellular network are fully encrypted.
This encryption works no matter what network you are calling. You can use a softphone of your choice provided that it supports TLC/SRTP protocols.

2. Encrypted Private Branch Exchange (PBX) – Many companies make use of PBX’s but this does not mean that their communication is secured.
With Encrypt-Phone, you can rest easy with the assurance that none of your internal communications will be leaking to ANY outside sources.
Encrypt-Phone requires an IPBX in order to synthesize an MD5 certificate and make connections in the standard TLC/SRTP protocols.

3. Encrypted Softphone – Do you use apps on your desktop, laptop, or tablet that have the same capabilities as a cell phone?
We got you covered! Encrypt-Phone provides security and encryption services to all outgoing and incoming calls from any network.

You can use a softphone from the manufacturer of your choice as long as the softphone application supports TLC/SRTP protocols.

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