Encrypt-Phone services

The Encrypt-Phone services are provided by leveraging the power of
Transport Layer Security (TLS) and Secure Real-time Transport Protocol (SRTP).
These two technologies allow secure real-time client-server communication
while at the same time eliminating all potential eavesdroppers.
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Secure Real-time Transport Protocol provides encryption when the message departs
from the sender and authentication when the message arrives at the recipient.
It also verifies the call’s integrity. Click here to read more about SRTP.

The last technology in use in Encrypt-Phone is Client-side Firewall and Router.
This opens the ports required in order for secure communication to take place. Some of these ports include:

1. TLS-5061 TCP
2. SRTP-10000-20000 and 50000 UDP

In addition, Encrypt-Phone requires that two certificates be installed on the client-side.
Additionally, an SSL certificate with ca.crt file and *.pem will be needed in order to make a secured connection on Softphone and IPBX applications.
This SSL certificate is not needed when you are using a cell phone.

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