We all know that these days, things are not looking good for privacy and security. News of governments and corporations tapping into user’s personal data and information has become a norm. But a situation like this means that we should put more effort towards securing our communication using various practices and applications.

Even if you have nothing to hide, not allowing anyone to listen to your phone calls and your personal communication is everyone’s basic right. A lot of the time, some people say that if you have nothing to hide, then why worry about privacy. That’s a flawed argument that tries to give the idea that everyday users should give up!

How to Encrypt Phone Calls

Today, we will look at how a common user who is using an Android or iOS smartphone can easily encrypt phone calls. To encrypt a phone call, you do not need an encrypted cell phone. Instead, using an encrypted phone service such as an app will be enough.

When a call is encrypted, it means that no one from the outside can eavesdrop, decipher, or snoop on your personal conversation. In an encrypted phone call, only the intended parties can communicate with each other.

Install Signal App

Unlike WhatsApp, which is owned by Facebook & got a lot of news attention due to poor privacy features introduced by the parent company, the app “Signal” is totally different.

Available on Android & iOS (iPhone, iPad, & similar devices), Signal is completely open-source. Being an open-source application means that anyone can verify the claims of privacy, encryption, and protection of data.

So the first step is to download and install the Signal app on your mobile phone. For Android, you can visit the Google Play Store, and for iOS, you can open the App Store.

The main benefit of the Signal app is that it allows you to make calls to your friends, family, or anyone without anyone eavesdropping on the conversation.

Setting up Signal App

Once the Signal app is installed, click on the app icon to open. For the first time, you will be asked to select a country and enter your phone number. Once this information is entered, click on “Continue.”

Once you have entered the country & your number is verified, you will be asked to select Signal app as the default SMS app. If you are interested in sending encrypted messages as well, then you can accept that option. Even if you want to send an unencrypted message, you can still do so via the app.

Make Encrypted Phone Call

To contact anyone through the Signal app, both parties must have the app installed on their phone.

To initiate an encrypted phone call, locate a contact and see if you can find the padlock icon for the call. If you can see the padlock icon, it means that the other party also has the Signal App installed. If the other part is not on Signal, you can always send them an invite as well.

The method of making a phone call via Signal is very similar to that of WhatsApp. So if you have used WhatsApp in the past, you can easily use the Signal app as well.

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