Mobile phones have become an integral part of our culture and day to day life.

From communication (Calls/Text) to taking pictures & even browsing the internet, we do all of it using these electronic devices. It is only natural to also think of privacy and security for a device that is so involved in our lives.

Many people do not know how to protect their devices. Then we have another category of people who believe that they have nothing to hide & thus do not want to protect their devices. The situations in which we lose our phones (lost/stolen) or when our devices get hacked reminds these people that it was indeed important to protect our devices.

If you are like the above-mentioned people, then change your perspective and take action to protect your data! Just like you protect your car with a lock and your house with locked doors, you also need to protect your mobile phones using encryption!

With phone encryption turned on, you can protect your important data. But that’s just one type of encryption – Today, there are many apps that allow one to encrypt a lot of different activities they carry on mobile devices. So let’s explore different mobile encryption techniques:

Mobile Encryption Techniques

Ready to explore different encryption techniques for your mobile phone? Let’s get started:

Call & Messaging Encryption

The basic function of any phone is to allow one to communicate with others via calls and messages. With rising privacy concerns, it has become a lot more important to take additional steps to ensure that your private conversations remain private.

Some of the popular apps which provide call & messaging encryption are:

  • Signal
  • Wickr
  • WhatsApp
  • ChatSecure (Only for iOS)

Most of these apps can be downloaded on Android & iOS devices. So if Android encryption and iOS encryption is a cause of concern for you, take advantage of these apps to protect your private communication.

Email Encryption

What? You thought that encryption didn’t exist for emails? Well, it does now! One of the best ways to enjoy encryption for email is by using ProtonMail, which is available on all devices (Web, iOS, & Android). ProtonMail is based in Switzerland, which is known for the best privacy standards in the world. Using the Protonmail, you can send emails using end to end encryption technology. Another great feature of the Protonmail is that it allows one to send messages which self-destruct after the specified time.

If you are looking for an anonymous email platform, download ProtonMail today!

Some of the other emails apps which use encryption are:

  • Virtru
  • OpenKeyChain
  • CipherMail

Internet Encryption

Want to securely browse the web without worrying about your privacy and security? Then you can use VPN apps on your device to encrypt your online activity. If you want phone encryption in terms of your online activity, then you need a VPN application.

Using VPN apps, you can hide your IP and browse the internet anonymously. Another benefit is that all of your online activity will be encrypted.

Some of the common VPN apps are:

  1. Hotspot Shield
  2. Betternet

And many more…

File & Data Encryption

Want to encrypt the data present on your mobile device?

Here some of the popular encryption apps which protect your data that you can easily download:

  • CoverMe
  • Secret Space Encryptor

Besides using third-party apps, you can also enable data encryption from your device settings (Available for Android & iOS).