Our mobile phones are not just for communication. These devices also contain a trove of personal data as well which also makes them a prime target for hackers and malicious third parties. To top it off, businessmen and professions usually have a lot more sensitive data on their mobile phones.

So what’s the solution to these privacy and hacking concerns? Is it to stop storing personal and confidential data on smartphones? The solution is buying a secure phone and then carrying out the best practices to ensure that your data, as well as communications via the mobile phone, remain secure.

Most Secure Mobile Phones in the World

Before we explore the most secure mobile phones in the world, you need to understand that the market for such products is not that big. That’s why most of the devices mentioned below may have older Android versions and even old hardware. So if your main priority is to be secure & you can compromise on even older hardware/software, then these mobile phones will prove to be highly beneficial!

Bittium Tough Mobile 2

The first mobile on our list of most secure mobile phones is from the Bittium and comes from the same country which gave us Nokia. As the mobile name implies, the Tough Mobile 2 is made to be strong and tough on the inside and outside alike. The appearance of the Bittium Tough Mobile 2 seems to be rugged and suggests that it was made to be tough!

The mobile comes with two active operating systems:

  1. Android 9 (improved security)
  2. Bittium owned OS

When a new Bittium Tough mobile 2 is bought, it comes with a Yubiko 5 NFC as well, which is a security key and functions as a device for the physical security of the mobile.

For extra protection, the two operating systems and their data are separated using high-level data separation. Some of the other features which make it an “encrypt phone” are built-in VPN (always-on), device management, and a strong toughness rating. A hardware-based mode for privacy can be used to disable the microphone, camera, and other features with relative ease.


Want more privacy and control than what’s offered in a regular iPhone? Then you need to buy K-iPhone, which offers the best security and data protection when compared with regular mobile phones. The company behind this phone is the KyrptAll which turns a normal iPhone into a next-level secured smartphone.

Some of the features of the K-iPhone are:

  1. Changed firmware as compared to the regular iPhone.
  2. Built-in VoIP for making secure and encrypted phone calls. If your main concern is “how to encrypt phone calls”, then this phone from Kryptall can solve that problem.
  3. The company claims that no one, including the law enforcement agencies, can decrypt your calls!

How to Encrypt Phone Calls

The devices mentioned above come with great data protection as well as other features to encrypt the data. But if main concern is to encrypt your phone calls, then you do not have to spend a lot of money on these expensive phones. For both Android & iOS, the following applications can be used to encrypt phone calls for free:

  1. Signal
  2. WhatsApp
  3. Viber