We need to admit that the concerns related to privacy are peaking as the technology is introducing new threats to users’ privacy.

But the technology is also equipping the users to fight back for their privacy and personal data protection. Today, there are many simple applications for smartphones that allow one to make encrypted phone calls and encrypted messages. So yes, technology is a double-edged sword that is raising new threats for privacy while also providing solutions to fight back as well.

Phone Encryption Apps (Encrypt Phone)

If privacy is a major concern for you, then do not worry. We have listed the 3 top mobile apps which can be used for sending encrypted data, messages and for making secure phone calls:


You may ask, what makes Signal so special from other messaging applications? For starters, it is open-source, but we can’t say the same for other apps such as WhatsApp or Telegram. The team behind the Signal app is “Open Whisper Systems,” which consists of skilled developers and cryptographers. For android encryption and iPhone encryption, the Signal app is the best choice.

In fact, even the famous personalities and advocates of privacy such as Edward Snowden and Bruce Schneier have endorsed the Signal application. The EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation) rated the Signal app 7 points out of 7 points (7/7) for privacy.

Some of the top benefits of Signal are:

  • It can encrypt messages which are in transit.
  • The encrypted messages cannot be read by the provider.
  • All the contacts have verifiable identities.
  • Even if the encryption keys are stolen, the user messages remain secure.
  • The code of the application is open to independent review.
  • Routine code audits and documentation reveals good security architecture.


Need a simple solution for sending encrypted messages and calls on Android and iOS? Welcome to Wickr, which offers free and paid versions for all users – In fact, the Wickr application can be installed on desktop devices as well, which can’t be said for the majority of other similar applications.

As it is standard in most messaging applications, Wickr also uses end-to-end encryption for all communications along with extensive privacy controls as well. For example, users can decide the timer for how long messages remain viewable to the recipients.

To ensure that the application is actually secure, the company behind Wickr also participates in routine 3rd party audits.


I think pretty much everyone knows about WhatsApp. This is an instant messaging application for sending text messages, audio messages, video calling, and sending important data (All secured with end-to-end encryption). The company behind WhatsApp is Meta (formerly Facebook), which claims that even they can’t see your texts or calls.

The main benefit of end-to-end encryption is that the chances of eavesdropping and interception become very slim.

According to EFF’s rating, WhatsApp scored 6/7, which is one point lower as compared to Signal’s stellar 7/7 rating. But unlike Signal, WhatsApp is not open source which means it can’t be verified and checked by independent parties.

The Verdict

Something as simple as using the above-mentioned applications can make your communication and data a lot more secure while ensuring a higher level of privacy and protection.