I am sure most of you already know that governments around the world use various surveillance tools to spy on their citizens. Among various surveillance tools, one tool that stands out the most is FinSpy or FinFisher, which can be used to intercept chats and calls from mobile phones. The agencies such as the CIA and NSA may have many more tools at their disposal having much more dangerous capabilities.

In general, the calls made over the standard network 2G, 3G, or 4G are encrypted, but the level of encryption is not strong enough though – So we can safely say that the calls made over the mobile network are only safe up to a certain degree but not completely safe.

So what’s the solution to encrypt phone calls? Does this mean that you have to encrypt Android or encrypt iPhone? Actually, the solution is very simple… There are many security applications available for mobile phones which allow military-grade end-to-end encryption for your chats, calls, and other important data.

How to Make Secure Phone Calls

Let’s look at the top 2 applications which offer high-end data encryption with end-to-end encryption technology for making phone calls, sending messages, sending photos, and so on. According to our information, you can trust the services mentioned below for your data protection.

If you are someone who needs his phone calls to be secured (member of opposition party, journalist, or whistleblower), then you can use these applications to avoid government tracking.

Note: All the applications mentioned below offer AES 256 bit encryption (military grade)

  1. Silent Phone

Silent Circle, a leader in privacy, has brought its own application called “Silent Phone“. Through this application, users can make encrypted video and voice calls to other users all over the world. The application offers both the calling and messaging feature but with one major difference – Any communication made between the Silent Phone members will be end-to-end encrypted.

As a result, your calls will be protected from criminals, competitors, or anyone else who may want to listen to your conversations or personal data.

Some of the top features of the Silent Phone app are given below:

  • Silent Phone is trusted by governments and businesses around the world.
  • You can also make secure conference calls with HD quality call clarity.
  • You can send self-destructing messages through the Silent Phone.
  • Replace the traditional voicemails with secured voice memos.
  • You can also send files such as jpg, mp4, png, docx, pdf, and .mov files with Silent Phone.
  • A built-in feature known as Silent World allows communication with those who are non-members.
  1. Signal

Who said privacy is not possible in today’s world? The Signal Application makes privacy possible and easy for everyone! With the Signal app, you can make calls and send messages using the internet, but that’s not all there is to it… The application uses a high-end encryption system that allows the users to chat with other signal users in a completely secure environment.

You can send encrypted messages, data and make encrypted calls using the Signal app. Even the servers of the Signal will not be able to store any of your personal data or communication.