What is a virtual phone number or virtual number line? As the name implies, there are mobile numbers that are virtual and can be used just like any normal mobile phone number without worrying about the telephone line or even buying a sim! Furthermore, virtual numbers are not bound to any fixed location as well, which makes it easy for anyone living in the UK to get a Canadian mobile phone number and vice versa!

A virtual number can be used just like any normal mobile phone number – You can use them to make phone calls, receive phone calls, and even to receive SMS! For those who work at home or in an office, these virtual numbers help a lot in communication!

Virtual Number – How to Get a Virtual Phone Number Line

As mentioned earlier, virtual numbers function just like a normal mobile phone number & can be used for easy communication.

A user may have their own reasons for getting a virtual phone number… For example, if you provide services in the United Kingdom and you need a UK phone number for communication with your clients, you can easily buy a virtual phone number line! To get a virtual UK phone number, there is a requirement to be a UK citizen – In fact, you can buy one by sitting in any part of the world!

It has actually become very easy to get a virtual phone number line for any activity you want as long as it is legal. In fact, you can get a virtual number just for Whatsapp. Another very common and popular option is getting an international virtual number which makes it easy for people all over the world to contact you!

There are a lot of companies that offer virtual numbers at affordable prices. In fact, a lot of companies offer free of cost setup of their virtual numbers – Which means that you only need to pay when you actually use the virtual number for communication.

Let’s look at some of the ways through which you can also get a virtual phone number:


This is a famous service which allows you to set up the phone system in an easy and fast manner. Some of the features of the virtual number offered by phone.com are call forwarding, call screening, and call blocking. Using this service, you can call anyone in any part of the world!

Some of the features of the Phone.com service are:

  1. Option to select your own unique caller ID.
  2. The setup for this service is instant.
  3. On any incoming calls, the customers get instant notifications.
  4. Your existing phone book can also be synced with the application.


Hushed is also a great service that offers virtual numbers at affordable rates. The website claims that they offer a 2nd or temporary phone which can be used for texting, data calls, and even for WiFi. Basically, you can do anything you would expect from a normal phone number!

Currently, Hushed offers virtual numbers in the UK, Canada, and the US with more than 300 area codes to choose from!


For small businesses and startups, one of the best services to get a virtual phone number at affordable rates is via Grasshopper! The service also offers a mobile app that makes it easy to manage your virtual phone on any device and location.

Grasshopper offers vanity numbers, business numbers, and even local numbers in a lot of different regions!