With advances in technology and rising privacy concerns, relying on your legacy phone systems is not the way to go.

With more people opting to work remotely, it can get difficult for the traditional landlines to keep up with the rising demand. What if I told you that is there is a better way to run your business or solve your communication needs? There is something like that, and it’s called a virtual phone number!

But what’s exactly a virtual number, and is it difficult to use? Let’s look at all these answers in detail:

What is a Virtual Phone Number?

If you are living in the USA, you will only be able to get a USA-based phone number. Similarly, someone living in China will only have a Chinese phone number. So we can say that the traditional phone numbers are usually bound to a fixed location. The same can be said about landlines which are also bound to fixed locations.

On the other hand, virtual phone numbers are not location-bound at all. These telephone numbers behave just like any normal phone number and can be used to make calls, receive calls, send messages, and so on.

For example, someone living in China may be doing business with USA clients. In that case, it would be preferred to have a USA phone number – Getting a traditional phone number may not be possible in such a case. That’s where virtual phone number comes into action. Someone living in China can easily get a USA phone number. Similarly, someone living in Brazil can get a phone number from Italy and so on.

Basically, you can get a virtual phone number from anywhere in the world in the form of a virtual phone number.

Besides offering the option to have a secondary number, virtual numbers also offer a greater degree of anonymity as well.

If you are wondering “how to encrypt phone calls“, then a virtual phone number may offer some anonymity and peace of mind. Especially if you believe that someone is trying to listen to your conversations, then it may be a good idea to use a virtual phone number.

If you make a call from a Virtual phone number to any other mobile network, then the call will be encrypted using the standard encryption models used by the mobile networks. So we can say that virtual phone numbers can also encrypt phone calls.

As for the Android encryption and iPhone encryption, making calls over the mobile network would depend less on the mobile phone OS and more on the encryption model used by the mobile networks.

How to get Virtual Number

One of the easiest ways to get a virtual number is through the Skype application. The Skype app has been around for a while and is available on multiple devices (Android, iOS, Windows, & more).

To get started, open the skype application and go to settings. Then click on get a skype number, and a new tab will be opened on your browser. Then you need to select a country/region for your virtual phone number to proceed.

After selecting a country, Skype will show you your new local number. Then click continue, and you will be taken to a payment gateway to complete your transaction.

To get a virtual number on Skype, you will need to pay a fixed monthly fee. For those who are doing business abroad or have a need for a virtual number, it is a no-brainer to get one from Skype.